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Oh boys.

First of all, I love the boys of B'z to death.. But I'm kind of OCD about my music! lol So this is my review of the English edition of "B'z". 

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However, it's just entirely my opinion on the album. I'll admit that I AM a little picky when it comes to my music! lol Maybe they should release an orgel album just for the fun of it!! lol Maybe I'll listen to that at night when I go to bed or read... Psst! Tak, Koshi... Make note of that! (笑) Well.. I'm off to bed. おやすみ♪
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Yep... It's finally summer in Tennessee. It's hotter than SHIT! X__X;; For the past two days, the temper has been in the high 90's to about 100 degrees! YIKES!! O__O; Anyway, I'm writing the second chapter of my short story! :) Here's a preview! ^^ The chapter is called "Jessica". :D


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That's all I got for the time being! lol Other than ayu coming out with a summer compilation album, I'm content. I'm learning guitar and being a better songwriter too! <3 I'm currently writing a song called "Sunset glow"! :D It's in G Major (naturally) and it'll be a ballad number! I just hope I get the inspiration to finish it soon!! lol WELL!! That's all I got. :P またね♪ (*^^*)

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Hi! Long time no see!! Sorry about not writing! (゜´Д`゜) The good news is that I finished Chapter 1 of my short story.. The bad news is that I feel like it's incomplete! (ToT) HOWEVER!!! I am now in the process of writing Chapter 2. :) The chapter's name is "Jessica"! I must of had SNSD on the brain! lol Odd enough, the first chapter was about "moon". Now, I'm making it "Sun" and "Moon" (which ironically, the character's last names are "Sun" and "Moon")! XDD Speaking of stories, I need to finish writing "Lonely Rose". I also need to make up my mind about what to name my main character in that one.. Kelly or something else? I'll decide on it later!! lol Strangely, I use to hate Poppin' love cocktail! I mean, despised it and gave it a death glare. Now, I can't stop listening to it! XDDD It's now my summer jam (along with BLUE BIRD and Hadashi no Megami)! Ya know what I haven't done in a while? Write lyrics. Oh yeah.. I haven't felt inspired to write lyrics as of lately! D: I hate when that happens... Especially since I'm writing two stories (one a short story and the other one I haven't decided on yet). But anyway... Should I name my next story after an ayu song? lol I named my short story after a B'z song, so I figured I would name the next one after an ayu song! lol Any of them, except glitter. Ehh.. I'll figure it out later!! Until then... またね! (^o^)/ 
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ayu cm

I'm sooo proud of myself~♪

I love how this story is turning out!! =D The only thing I have to worry about now is how to end it! XDD This is what I got so far!! (*^^*)

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Should I make Chihiro the most popular girl in school? lol 
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akatsuki pv -lady-


Long time no see! (^o^)/ I'm writing a short story... It's a bit random, but I'm trying at least! XDD I dub it... "Barefoot Goddess"! :) Based on the B'z song "裸足の女神" (which the title is the translation)! :D This is what I got so far...

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I'll admit it.. It is random. But I'm working on it. (^_^) But I'm not sure on what to do next... I'm totally stumped. o_o; 
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Nami ~Kumi-chan Version~

I had the strangest idea to make Nami. But I was ORIGINALLY going to use ayu videos... But putting it with KO-SO-KO-SO actually made it work and it flowed pretty easily with the song! =D So I played with the idea and just ran with it! XDD Enjoy it! ^^

Nami ~Kuu-chan Version~

(Cover comes later! :D)

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ultra soul

When I was in 8th grade, since it was the worst year yet so far, the attacks happened. I was sitting in my 8th grade science class when it happened. It dragged on to shop, where I had to hear a certain friend of mine bitched about she couldn't go to Jamaica because they shut down the airports that day. I felt sorry for one of the members in my band class whose cousin was killed during the attack on the Pentagon. To this day, my heart goes out to those that lost family members and close friends to the attacks. I shouldn't complain about my life when there are people that had it worse than myself. I only have stories about 2001.. That's all! XDD Spread love, hope, & peace to those less fortuante than yourself. :) That's all I have to say...
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My first album review!


1. C'mon: The opener of the album, it gives off a late 90's light rock feeling. 10/10

2. さよなら傷だらけの日々よ: The first single off the album, this is song gives the vibe of "angry but fierce". The song is about moving on from the pain. 10/10

3. ひとしずくのアナタ: Electronica rock? This song has a sound that's refreshing. It gives me an 80's vibe, for some odd reason! 10/10

4. Homebound: Ahh, a serene ballad. It reminds of another ballad off of ACTION... Oh yeah! 「君に僕がいる」! Either way, it's another amazing ballad from the boys of B'z! 10/10

5. Don't Wanna Lie: The second single to come out, it serves as the movie theme AND the opening theme for Detective Conan (using part of the PV for the opening since ギリギリChop in 1999). It defently has that anime feeling in the song and it songs like a song that could use a spring video. But it's another amazing song from B'z! 10/10

6. DAREKA: The beginning is interesting, but the chorus is amazing! <3 9/10

7. ボス: Oo! This song has a funky, bluesy feeling. Kind of giving off a bit of a Maroon 5 vibe in the song. But it's still a lot of fun! 10/10

8. Too Young: This song is a bit odd. It has a jazzy feeling, nonetheless. But it feels out of place on the album. At least in my eyes... 8/10

9. ピルグリム: This song is interesting but kind of serene. This is the type of song you'd listen to while you're driving! It reminds me a bit of some of YUI's songs! 10/10

10. ザ・マイスター: This starts off like "long time no see" and Koshi starts the song off kind of like "純情ACTION". But this is defently a motorcylce driving type of song! 10/10

11. デッドエンド: What a heavy metal type of song! It's another B'z song that sounds metal since MONSTER (which is a plus). 10/10

12. 命名: The next to last track on the album. This song is a power ballad that is on par with PRAY, but it lacks the power that their previous ballads had. 8/10

13. ultra soul 2011: The finisher! This song kicks so much ass that it makes the original ultra soul weep (not that I don't like the original)!! 10/10


(This may be just me, but I love this album so much, but it lacks the power that MONSTER has. Hope this is helpful! lol)
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Here I am again! Back to that mentality where I think everybody hates me! How did I go from being frustrated to kicking myself in the gut? Because I hate when I get angry or frustrated! It shows my immaturity and it sucks. The other thing that sucks is that I get angry over the littlest thing... Well, when it comes to the internet, that is. My sister? Well, that's a different story! lol I'll admit it, though. Some of the things my sister says irritates the hell out of me! But anyway! I need to work on not getting an ego when it comes to my work. Wither it be my graphics or whatever... I guess I need a new style for my graphics anyway! lol Sooo... I'll call this short. (^_^)b
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